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Tap into our warehouse of professional

equipment for audio visual productions.

Feel free to contact us for quotes:

Mail: filmgear@filmgear.dk

Phone: +45 7022 0302

Dry Hire Rental of Technical Equipment. One Day, One Month or longer? Please call us: 0045 70220302 or mail for quote: filmgear@filmgear.dk


FilmGEAR supplies film- and tv studios, simple Dry-Hire and complicated All-in Onestop Rental.

Main office, studios and warehouse in Copenhagen and warehouse in Vissenbjerg and Aarhus. Rental faciliteis in Norway and Sweden.

24HRS SERVICE AND SUPPORT:  emergeny or malfunction - please call: +45 7022 0302 Press 1

New Address: Mileparken 14. DK2740 Skovlunde

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Phone: +45 7022 0302

Mail: filmgear at filmgear . dk