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Business Partners

FilmGEAR Rental cooperates and is associated with different companies in the Entertainment Business..


Scandinavias premier digital camera rental house..



Production equipment; film-bus, crew-van, catering, etc.


Organisations and Public Partners

FilmGEAR Rental cooperates with organisations and public partners.


Find your filming locations, crew and production partners here.

We can help you navigate the rules in Denmark. No matter if you’re making feature films, TV-series, documentaries, we welcome you to Greater Copenhagen and can help your production run smoothly.



The Copenhagen Film Fund’s focal point is not just the Copenhagen area, but the whole Capital Region.

The Fund’s prime purpose is to invest in international and Danish film and TV productions, to be produced in out member municipalities, and distributed both nationally and internationally.



FilmGEAR supplies film- and tv studios, simple Dry-Hire and complicated All-in Onestop Rental.

Main office, studios and warehouse in Copenhagen and warehouse in Vissenbjerg and Aarhus. Rental faciliteis in Norway and Sweden.

24HRS SERVICE AND SUPPORT:  emergeny or malfunction - please call: +45 7022 0302 Press 1

New Address: Mileparken 14. DK2740 Skovlunde

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Phone: +45 7022 0302

Mail: filmgear at filmgear . dk